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9 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Furniture Last Longer

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Update time : 2016-07-25 14:18:44

When you are buying some outdoor furniture for your house, make sure the items you have chosen are strong and durable. As you would keep those artifacts somewhere outside of your central living space like your garden, lawn or backyard patio, they will certainly be exposed to direct sunlight, rain and moisture or hoarfrost in winter. This is why your outdoor furniture items may not sustain even a couple of months unless they are built from strong and durable materials.

So, it’s important to take the durability of your outdoor furniture into consideration first. Here are 9 effective tips to help you with buying durable outdoor furniture for your house and making them last several seasons.

Buy Weather-proof Items

Outdoor furniture pieces available today are made from wood, metal or plastic. Wood may decay when it comes in contact with water and moisture. Therefore, you need to be choosing the furniture that is made from treated wood or the materials that are naturally resistant to water. Teak is a good example of naturally water-resistant wood.

Metals can also corrode due to moisture content on its surface. However, aluminum is a naturally corrosion-proof metal. An electrochemical process called Galvanization is implemented turn metals into corrosion-resistant.

Plastic is not sensitive to moisture or water, but it discolors due to the UV rays from sunlight. Hence, you should cover the plastic items or keep them in shade when not in use.

Select the Appropriate Materials

Out of the different materials such as Aluminum, Iron, Pine, Mahogany, Teak, Rattan and Plastic Teak and Iron are supposed to have the maximum durability, so these are the right materials to choose. Therefore, if you have to choose wooden furniture, go for teak items since Mahogany and Pine have relatively shorter life than teak. Similarly, iron is more preferable than aluminum due to more strength. Plastic is not the ideal choice especially from lasting point of view, but it is cheaper than all other counterparts.

Choose Well-built Furniture

Durability is certainly dependent on how the furniture has been constructed. Well-constructed items can last longer, so have a look at the construction of the items you would possibly buy. Make sure that the screws used in the furniture are of stainless steel or brass since these materials resist corrosion. If the pieces are attached together by glue or staples, they would tend to detach over time, so make sure wooden dowels and pegs have been used to join pieces together.

Purchase Weather-proof Pillows and Cushions

Since cushions and pillows are prone to moisture and discoloration from exposure to the UV rays in the sunlight, you need to choose the right kind of fabrics. Synthetic fabrics such as acrylic are resistant to mildew from moisture, and ventilated fabrics tend to dry quickly in order to avoid water damage. Today, fabrics that are treated to block UV rays are also available.

Use Oils, Sealers and Stains on Wooden Items

If the outdoor furniture is of wood, apply oils, sealers and stains to help maintain their look. Oils, stains and sealers basically make the wood less porous so rain drops would less likely damage the wood. Some stains and sealers can help block UV rays so wood remains safe from discoloration.

Clean and Treat Metal Furniture

If the furniture is of metal, it requires less maintenance. All you have to do is wipe down the surface with a wet cloth. Don’t apply pressure washing since it may damage the metal. Iron furniture pieces need to be applied anti-corrosion solution.

Be Gentle if It’s Rattan

If it’s a rattan piece, treat it more gently. Strictly avoid chemical cleaners and pressure washing to avoid damage of the furniture. Also, put rubber stoppers underneath the legs to save it from cracking. Keep it under shade when not in use in order to stop discoloring.

Save Pillows and Cushions from UV Rays and Mildew

If the fabric used in the cushions and pillows cannot block UV rays and mildew, apply safe sprays to help it block those el-ements. Wash the cushion and pillow fabric regularly to keep it clean and fresh.

Shield and Store Outdoor Furniture

To help your outdoor furniture last longer, you can cover it during rainfalls. Covers keep the furniture dry and protected from water, moisture and direct sunlight. It’s best to store it away in a cool and dry place when not in use.

When purchasing outdoor furniture, look at their construction and the materials used to ensure the furniture you’re going to have would bring you the best value per price. To help it last several years put some efforts in its maintenance and protect it from rotting and breakage.